We Are the Future
PT Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk (BSSR) offers a substantial reserves and resources of quality coal from its mine sites in East and South Kalimantan.
BSSR have a firm commitment for a steady coal production growth and infrastructure development to elevate it as one of Indonesia's leading coal mining companies, and contribute to the Indonesian economic growth.
Join us and reach for a bright future.
Corporate Overview


(PT. Baramulti Suksessarana, Tbk.)

  • Located in East Kalimantan, 25km south west of the city concession area of Samarinda, the capital of the province.
  • IUP for 8 years starting 2010 with option of 2 x 10 years' extension and royalty of 3-7% of sales.
  • Total area: 2,459.8 Ha.
  • Commercial operation commenced in June 2011 with projected production capacity of 1.5mt by end-2014.
  • BSSR is divided into 4 blocks and the coal is marketed according to the block from which it is mined.
  • BSSR is currently mining in the Eastern Area.


(PT. Antang Gunung Meratus)

  • Located in South Kalimantan, near the town of Rantau, approximately 100 km north-east of Banjarmasin, the provincial capital.
  • 2nd generation CCOW for 30 years starting July 1999 with royalty of 13.5% of sales.
  • Total area: 22,433Ha.
  • Current production capacity of 3mt with projected production capacity of 7mt by end-2014.
  • AGM is divided into 6 blocks and the coal is marketed according to the block from which it is mined.
  • AGM is currently mining in Block 3 South.
Latest Updates
  • BSSR will hold the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, on:
    • Date: Friday, 7 July 2017
    • Time: 10 a.m. Western Indonesia Time - concluded
    • Venue: Boardroom CEO Suite, Sahid, Sudirman Center 56 th  Fl . Jl.Jendr. Sudirman No. 86, Central Jakarta
    • Further details on the event please refer to the invitation for Shareholders.