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BSSR and AGM are committed to minimize the undesirable impact of mining and on the surrounding environment, and return all mined land to a productive and useful state. Post-mining recovery and rehabilitation are undertaken to satisfy land designation, function, layout, and the environmental standards stipulated be the government. The companies applies environmental management and monitoring of stockpiles to support operations such as transportation, stockyards, workshops, offices, laboratories, warehouse; rigorously control acid mine drainage, sediments (clay and silt) in runoff water from mining areas; and manage hydrocarbon (fuels and oils) waste and other waste products, both at BSSR and AGM.

Data Report of Biodiversity Status in the Proboscis Monkey Conservation Area of PT Antang Gunung Meratus in 2019 – 2023


PT Antang Gunung Meratus (AGM) is a mining company who have numerous types of biodiversity. As the implementation of the Sustainable Environmental Development and refer to the Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning the Conversation of Biological Natural Resources and Their Ecosystems,
AGM always invents and monitors the existence of the presence flora and fauna around the protected area in order to monitor the survival and the existence especially for the protected animals.
Our main objectives in the sustainable forest management are to achieve a balance between function, production, environmental and social. These aspects will work well if each aspect could be implemented synergically and sustainably.