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Board of Commissioners (2012)


President Commissioner                   : Athanasius Tossin Suharya

Commissioner                                 : Stephen Ignatius Suharya

Commissioner                                 : Agus G. Kartasasmita

Commissioner                                 : Doddy Sumantyawan H.S

Independent Commissioner              : Pontas Siahaan

Independent Commissioner              : Iman Taufik


Board of Directors (2012)

President Director                           : Henry Angkasa

Vice President Director                    : Daniel Suharya

Operation Director                          : Soenar Triwandono

Marketing Director                          : Elia Yuanta

Finance Director                             : Eric Rahardja

Corporate Affairs Director                 : Geroad P. Alamsyah

      Non-Affiliated Director                : Soelendro Atmosoetjipto


Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors (2013)

The Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting (EGM) of BSSR, held on 21 January 2013, approved the changes in the Company’s Board of Director and Board of Commissioner hence the new Board of Director and Board of Commissioner consisted as follow:


President Commissioner                  : Athanasius Tossin Suharya

Vice President Commissioner           : Anil Sardana

Commissioner                                : Stephen Ignatius Suharya

Commissioner                                : Agus G. Kartasasmita

Commissioner                                : Ramakrishnan Sawmyan

Independent Commissioner             : Doddy Sumantyawan H.S.

Independent Commissioner             : Noke Kiroyan

Independent Commissioner             : Iman Taufik


President Director                          : Henry Angkasa

Vice President Director                   : Dave Minesh

Director                                        : Daniel Suharya

Director                                        : Elia Yuanta

Director                                        : Eric Rahardja

Director                                        : Sanjay Dube

Non-Affiliated Director                     : Soelendro Atmosoetjipto